2016 AGM Wed 9th November Carmarthen Football Club 7pm 

It is becoming of paramount importance that there is an organisation which provides a strong and unified voice representing the fishermen of Carmarthenshire. The recent NRW salmon fry count and pollution incident at Nant Pibwr give particular emphasis to this.

In the face of such major challenges and threats to the rivers of the county, the CFF, which represents all angling clubs in Carmarthenshire, is being  revamped and refocused. We aim to become more proactive and we need your support and ideas in order to:

  • hold relevant stakeholders to account
  • regularly engage with them on matters of relevance to our local rivers,
  • encourage more investment of time and money to improve the plight of our local rivers.
  • Take action to reduce or remove threats to the waterway

The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016
at the Carmarthen Football Club, Richmond Park, Priory Street, Carmarthen SA31 1HZ.

We would therefore appeal to you to attend the meeting and encourage all members past and present to come too. Please do not hesitate to pass this email to anyone you think would be interested in becoming
members of CFF.

We need to come together to address the key issues and campaign for better water quality, improved habitat and reduced predation.

In this context there will be two presentations at the meeting:

  • Mike Heckler – Bird Predation.
  • Huw Williams NRW – Agricultural practices.

There will also be a report on the pollution incident at Nant y Pibwr.

In order that we can get an idea of numbers attending the meeting, please RSVP me at

We very much look forward to seeing you on the night.


Dear all please make a note of the following:

Black Vaxhall Van VRN: DU 06 MKZ

Today 3 men were spotted and escorted off the estate in the middle of the park, putting rocks in between a main run. They were approached and made usual excuses to our 6ft 7 Maint Manager, who escorted them off the estate and when looking in the back of the vehicle noted several nets in the back. Sgt Owen Dillon from DPP is about to turn up here at Glanusk for a chat generally but I will inform him immediately. This all took place at 1 pm this afternoon. Please keep your eyes open at this critical stage of the season. I have cc’d Gareth O Shea onto this email who I hope will pass on to the NRW Intelligence Unit as well.

Harry Legge-Bourke