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Volunteers Required

West Wales Rivers Trust are looking for volunteers to accompany project officers working on their sites.

It will not necessarily involve any physical input by the volunteers as the main role here is to accompany the project officer and would be ideal for those who enjoy a good walk in the country with the added benefit of an experienced guide!
If you would like to volunteer please email your name, phone number and email to:
This information will be shared with a member of the WWRT team and you will be contacted when help is required.

AGM – Thursday 18th January 2018

Annual General Meeting

7pm on Thursday 18th January 2018

Carmarthen Football Club

Richmond Park

Priory Street


SA31 1HZ 


  1. Minutes of the last AGM.
  2. Chairman’s report.
  3. Treasurer’s report.
  4. Review of charges.
  5. Election of Officers.
  6. AOB

The AGM will be followed by an ordinary meeting of the Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation



  1. Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th August, 2017.
  1. Report on NRW Board discussions on exploitation controls held on the 18th January, 2018. – Creighton Harvey.
  1. Update report on work of Wales Land Management Group on Agricultural Pollution – Creighton Harvey
  1. Presentations:
  • Carmarthenshire Catchment Plan – Huwel Manley.
  • Mitigation Funds – Huwel Manley
  • West Wales Rivers Trust – Frank Jones.
  • NRW Enforcement – Erin Smyth.
  • Balsam Report – Jamie Harries.
  1. AOB
  1. Calendar of meetings.


Angling Trust Calls for Voluntary Approach to Regulating Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

Angling Trust Calls for Voluntary Approach to Regulating Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

The Angling Trust has today published its responses to concurrent consultations by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales about the regulation of rod and net fisheries.  As the representative body for anglers in England and Wales, the Trust has called for a voluntary approach to management of the exploitation of salmon and sea trout by anglers fishing with rod and line and designation of salmon and sea trout as sport fish only, because of the vastly greater benefits to society arising from angling compared to catching these species in nets.

Voluntary catch and release of salmon has increased from below 10% in the 1990s to around 80% now, with many anglers returning every fish they catch and choosing to fish with methods that avoid causing damage to the fish so that they can go on to spawn successfully.  In England, the Environment Agency has, in response to pressure from the Angling Trust, indicated a preferred option for this voluntary approach to continue, but with higher targets for rivers where stocks are in a particularly poor state.  The Angling Trust supports this approach on the proviso that it is accompanied by a complete ban of commercial netting on these rivers and a ban of mixed stock netting (catching fish at sea returning to several different rivers).

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Merlin Scouts rise to the challenge

The Merlin Explorer Scouts have joined forces with the Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation’s (CFF) initiative to tackle a non-native invasive plant that is taking over the county.

Siriol Butterworth Merlin Explorer Scouts Team Leader said “We were contacted by the CFF and learnt of their plans to eradicate the plant through a programme of mapping, pulling, cutting and strimming from the rivers of Carmarthenshire from the top of the river catchments down.

“The Merlin Explorer Scouts were planning their forthcoming programme of activities and the objectives of the project were “a good fit “, involving navigation, mapping skills and an appreciation of environmental matters”.

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