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Angling Trust Calls for Voluntary Approach to Regulating Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

Angling Trust Calls for Voluntary Approach to Regulating Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

The Angling Trust has today published its responses to concurrent consultations by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales about the regulation of rod and net fisheries.  As the representative body for anglers in England and Wales, the Trust has called for a voluntary approach to management of the exploitation of salmon and sea trout by anglers fishing with rod and line and designation of salmon and sea trout as sport fish only, because of the vastly greater benefits to society arising from angling compared to catching these species in nets.

Voluntary catch and release of salmon has increased from below 10% in the 1990s to around 80% now, with many anglers returning every fish they catch and choosing to fish with methods that avoid causing damage to the fish so that they can go on to spawn successfully.  In England, the Environment Agency has, in response to pressure from the Angling Trust, indicated a preferred option for this voluntary approach to continue, but with higher targets for rivers where stocks are in a particularly poor state.  The Angling Trust supports this approach on the proviso that it is accompanied by a complete ban of commercial netting on these rivers and a ban of mixed stock netting (catching fish at sea returning to several different rivers).

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Merlin Scouts rise to the challenge

The Merlin Explorer Scouts have joined forces with the Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation’s (CFF) initiative to tackle a non-native invasive plant that is taking over the county.

Siriol Butterworth Merlin Explorer Scouts Team Leader said “We were contacted by the CFF and learnt of their plans to eradicate the plant through a programme of mapping, pulling, cutting and strimming from the rivers of Carmarthenshire from the top of the river catchments down.

“The Merlin Explorer Scouts were planning their forthcoming programme of activities and the objectives of the project were “a good fit “, involving navigation, mapping skills and an appreciation of environmental matters”.

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NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout

Executive summary English Final

We would urge all members and non-members to study the consultation exercise above and respond accordingly

NRW have released the following statement below:

NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout

After careful consideration of our evidence and wishing to take full
account of the views we have received during our engagements with
customers and stakeholders, we are now proposing changes to fishing
controls to the salmon and sea trout net and rod fisheries.

We would like to make you aware that we have:

1. Advertised a new Net Limitation Order
2. Launched a statutory consultation on new byelaws for rod and
net fishing

Both processes began on 22 August 17 and runs for 12 weeks.

The proposals include:

* Maintaining the same number of net licences in the 13 public
salmon and sea trout net fisheries
* Making consistent the start and end of the net fishing seasons:
* Shortening the netting season by starting net fisheries no
earlier than 1st May
* Ending the netting season on the 31st July
* Implementing full catch and release fishing on all net and rod
fisheries for salmon
* Requiring sea trout catch and release in rod fisheries on
vulnerable rivers before 1st May
* Setting a 60cm maximum size limit for sea trout in rod fisheries
* Implementing method restrictions (bait, barbless hooks and
trebles) so that released fish have a good chance of survival (Byelaws)

This is both a complex and, for many a contentious issue. In order to
help you, please find attached the executive summary to our technical
case, summarising our approach.

A full set of documents including the technical case, byelaws, and
response form can be found on our web site

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us Fisheries.

Summary of Discussions at the CFF meeting of 15 August.

1: “Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”

Members were reminded of the importance of submitting individual responses to the Welsh Assembly Government consultation document.
The proposals in the Consultation have far reaching implications including a proposal to provide access to canoes, rafts or even paddleboards on any non-tidal water, rivers or inland waters anywhere, overriding restrictions under existing law.

It is crucial that all anglers, who care about the future of fish and fishing, make an effort to respond to the consultation exercise by the end of September, 2017. A draft response is available on the CFF website and in the Sea Trout Forum CFF section.

2: Smolt Shepherding

Three Gas cannons have been secured by NRW for use in the catchment. They will initially be used in the middle reaches of the Tywy to aid scaring of FEBs . They will be relocated next Spring to scare off FEBs predating on shoaling smolts migrating downstream in the Nantgaredig area. This replicates a successful scheme introduced on the South Esk.

A second license is being applied for and volunteers are again required to help with bird counting and scaring activities during the winter. Please contact Mike Hill if you are able to help in this regard. Tel: 07931 332270 email:
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Agenda for the CFF Meeting Tuesday 15th August 2017

You are invited to attend the next meeting of the new CFF which will take place in the Carmarthen Football Club, Richmond Park,Carmarthen SA311HZ commencing at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 15th August, 2017


1. Apologies.
2. Minutes of the meeting held on the 9th May, 2017.
3. Welcome
4. Matters arising.
5. Update presentation on actions to control Agricultural pollution Huwel Manley
6. Update on recent NRW prosecutions Huwel Manley
6. Open Day Gelli Aur Agricultural College
7. Development of a Carmarthenshire Catchment Management Plan 2017 Huwel Manley
– process for completion, timeline and stakeholder involvement.
8. Himalayan Balsam project Report – Year 1 Jamie Harries/Mike Hill
9. Any other business.
10. Date of next meeting – AGM Carmarthen Football Club, 7.00 p.m. 17th November, 2017.

WAG consultation on “sustainable management of resources”.

Please take note of the fact that there has been a postponement of the deadline for submission of responses to this consultation – it will now be 30 September.

This has been set out in the letter below from Lesley Griffiths AM.

“Lesley Griffiths AC/AM
Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros yr Amgylchedd a Materion Gwledig
Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs
Bae Caerdydd • Cardiff Bay

In respect of the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Consultation

There has been a great deal of interest in the Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Consultation, launched on the 21 June. It is a real strength in Wales to have such engaged stakeholders providing us with their input and experience to help identify opportunities for Wales.

We have listened to our stakeholders and as such have extended the consultation period until the 30 September.

The written consultation is undertaken in parallel with active engagement with stakeholders both collectively through our roundtable group, and with individual sectors.

The consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders across Wales to have a say on any legislation, which may be needed to address EU exit and whilst we are extending the consultation period, we would encourage early responses on these areas to help identify potential opportunities as early as possible.

This Consultation provides us with a further opportunity to work together to identify potential opportunities for Wales.”

I wish to thank those who have responded to the consultation and very much and welcome further responses.
Lesley Griffiths AC/AM
Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros yr Amgylchedd a Materion Gwledig
Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs”

In spite of this postponement, The CFF urges you to respond as soon as you can. As you will see from the post above we have provided some suggested responses to the main questions in the consultation. Please feel free to use these as you wish, send in your response soonest and let us make certain that the voice of anglers is heard clearly in the context of this consultation.

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The Welsh Assembly Government has recently launched a consultation entitled “Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources” which includes far reaching implications for those who live, work and use our countryside, including a proposal to amend or revoke the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000, to provide access to canoes, rafts or even paddleboards on any non-tidal water, rivers or inland waters anywhere, overriding restrictions under existing law.

Here is the link:

Please download the Response Form.
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CFF Meeting 15th August 2017

The next meeting of the Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation is fast approaching.

Members and new members are most welcome.

The minutes will be circulated in due course.

We very much look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 15th August, Carmarthen Football Club, 7pm