Reporting Agricultural Pollution

CFF were invited to attend a meeting with NRW, WWRT and Afonydd Cymru at NRW’s Llandovery offices this week.

We had a lenghty and robust discussion on many topics, and were intorduced to Ioan Williams, the new Natural Resource Management Team Leader for Carmarthen

A few CFF members have recently sent us reports and photos of agricultural and industrial bad practices noted in Carmarthenshire. These are not necessarily reportable pollution incidents, but are concerning to us as anglers none the less. These may include seeing badly maintained slurry pits, livestock not being excluded from waterways, slurry pipes running across rivers etc.

Ioan has let us know that if NRW are alerted to such practices, they will be logged. NRW can either be contacted by e-mail  or the CFF can pass information on directly to Ioan.

Please include photographs and location references of anything reported.

Please note, however, that any incidents of pollution proper should be reported directly to NRW on tel. 0300 065 3000 ( charges apply)

Silage being fed to livestock adjacent to a watercourse feeding into the Tywi. Manure and silage build up ready to be washed into the watercourse on the next flood

Livestock again being fed next to a watercourse, no fencing of the waters edge and stock free to enter water at will

Tributary Walkovers on the Dulais reveal high instances of plastic waste and fly tipping.

Members of CFF have been out surveying the tributaries of the Towy starting with the Dulais. Federation Treasurer Jamie Harries can be seen in the above images amongst feed bags embedded in the banks, a trampoline , log Jams, various types of discarded plastic waste and unfenced areas allowing stock access.

Caroline Orr, along with Afonydd Cymru, is leading an intitative to use previously gathered information form NRW on SAC rivers. Afonydd Crymru will collate this information along with the survey to ascertain the existing state of the watercourse.

Afonydd Cymru are then to comprehensively collate all of this information, (technical easements / invasives / trash blocakges / land use issues / fencing / riparian management / other issues) and disseminate to Rivers Trusts / NRW / Other parties to carry out the works highlighted.

Caroline explains “It is a way of getting a comprehensive suite of works together in order to benefit our watercourses and fisheries, and more importantly – to act upon these findings”.

Volunteers Required

West Wales Rivers Trust are looking for volunteers to accompany project officers working on their sites.

It will not necessarily involve any physical input by the volunteers as the main role here is to accompany the project officer and would be ideal for those who enjoy a good walk in the country with the added benefit of an experienced guide!
If you would like to volunteer please email your name, phone number and email to:
This information will be shared with a member of the WWRT team and you will be contacted when help is required.

AGM – Thursday 18th January 2018

Annual General Meeting

7pm on Thursday 18th January 2018

Carmarthen Football Club

Richmond Park

Priory Street


SA31 1HZ 


  1. Minutes of the last AGM.
  2. Chairman’s report.
  3. Treasurer’s report.
  4. Review of charges.
  5. Election of Officers.
  6. AOB

The AGM will be followed by an ordinary meeting of the Carmarthenshire Fishermen’s Federation



  1. Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th August, 2017.
  1. Report on NRW Board discussions on exploitation controls held on the 18th January, 2018. – Creighton Harvey.
  1. Update report on work of Wales Land Management Group on Agricultural Pollution – Creighton Harvey
  1. Presentations:
  • Carmarthenshire Catchment Plan – Huwel Manley.
  • Mitigation Funds – Huwel Manley
  • West Wales Rivers Trust – Frank Jones.
  • NRW Enforcement – Erin Smyth.
  • Balsam Report – Jamie Harries.
  1. AOB
  1. Calendar of meetings.