Adopt a Tributary Project

Hopefully you will be aware of the Adopt A Tributary scheme we are working on with West Wales Rivers Trust . The CFF team have visited a number of Clubs to make presentations and a slide show was given at the last CFF meeting in April.

We have been supported in this work by Dwr Cymru and NRW, who are funding the Trust to develop the programme. The CFF team went on a riverbank walk with Hilary Foster, NRW’s Biodiversity Officer and were given instruction in bank side and in-river habitat appraisal and guidance on how to work on blockages whilst minimising risk to wildlife.

 The CFF team have been back on the River Dulais in the past few weeks, checking works done last season and clearing further blockages. In-river plastics are a major problem on our tributaries and a good part of our work is removing these plastics from the bankside or where trapped in fallen timber.

The CFF team have also presented images similar to these below to two Agriscope farming groups on the Crychiau and the Rhosmaen Dulais  and have had a good reception. We aim to build on this base to present directly to more farmers who farm alongside adopted tributaries.

This week, we were joined on our work day by Ieuan Davies,  newly appointed Project Officer for the West Wales Rivers Trust who will now be driving the Adopt A Tributary ( AAT)  project for the Trust.  We have given Ieuan contact details of all the clubs who have expressed interest so far and he will be making contact with you shortly.

A small stand of willow clogging up a shallow bend

Willow cut back whilst leaving plenty of cover

The plastic taken out of the willow stand

A fallen alder and root-ball completely blocking the channel

The idea is to remove the branches whilst leaving the root-ball in place

Nearly there – cutting an underwater branch

Channel unblocked, nice flow through! Ieuan is in green

The day’s plastic and scrap haul