Reporting Agricultural Pollution

CFF were invited to attend a meeting with NRW, WWRT and Afonydd Cymru at NRW’s Llandovery offices this week.

We had a lenghty and robust discussion on many topics, and were intorduced to Ioan Williams, the new Natural Resource Management Team Leader for Carmarthen

A few CFF members have recently sent us reports and photos of agricultural and industrial bad practices noted in Carmarthenshire. These are not necessarily reportable pollution incidents, but are concerning to us as anglers none the less. These may include seeing badly maintained slurry pits, livestock not being excluded from waterways, slurry pipes running across rivers etc.

Ioan has let us know that if NRW are alerted to such practices, they will be logged. NRW can either be contacted by e-mail  or the CFF can pass information on directly to Ioan.

Please include photographs and location references of anything reported.

Please note, however, that any incidents of pollution proper should be reported directly to NRW on tel. 0300 065 3000 ( charges apply)

Silage being fed to livestock adjacent to a watercourse feeding into the Tywi. Manure and silage build up ready to be washed into the watercourse on the next flood

Livestock again being fed next to a watercourse, no fencing of the waters edge and stock free to enter water at will