Reporting Of Pollution Incidents – NRW Hotline 0300 065 3000

In this low water it is much easier to see and locate point source pollution, either from a pipe, ditch or culvert.

The two pics of fungus I took 3yrs ago in low water, I followed it upstream and located a ditch where slurry was running 24/7 365 days into this river.


NRW called, attended and found the farmer had recently constructed a huge slurry lagoon and fitted an overflow pipe into the ditch.

He was prosecuted and fined £5,000.

The pic of oily scum reported again from a pipe and again coming from a farm, he has since sorted it out.

I know it wasn’t his fault as the previous farmer had installed the pipe. But it’s sorted.

We as anglers must take advantage of this low water, as it highlights how bad the problems have been for years.

In normal conditions we can’t see them as the flow of water is good and wash away the evidence of pollution, but the pollution still happened!

So use this opportunity, walk the small streams as well, let this dry spell work in our favour for the long term of fishing.

This report from a CFF member.