Tributary Walkovers on the Dulais reveal high instances of plastic waste and fly tipping.

Members of CFF have been out surveying the tributaries of the Towy starting with the Dulais. Federation Treasurer Jamie Harries can be seen in the above images amongst feed bags embedded in the banks, a trampoline , log Jams, various types of discarded plastic waste and unfenced areas allowing stock access.

Caroline Orr, along with Afonydd Cymru, is leading an intitative to use previously gathered information form NRW on SAC rivers. Afonydd Crymru will collate this information along with the survey to ascertain the existing state of the watercourse.

Afonydd Cymru are then to comprehensively collate all of this information, (technical easements / invasives / trash blocakges / land use issues / fencing / riparian management / other issues) and disseminate to Rivers Trusts / NRW / Other parties to carry out the works highlighted.

Caroline explains “It is a way of getting a comprehensive suite of works together in order to benefit our watercourses and fisheries, and more importantly – to act upon these findings”.